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The Lake Snowden Fish Hatchery offers customers a variety of fish to stock whatever ecosystem you have, such as private and public lakes, ponds or we can also provide stock to start your own aquaculture business.

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Largemouth Bass

Tiger Bass


$9 each (8-10") 

Blue Catfish x Channel Catfish

Channel CatfishScaleless, slender fish with a deeply forked tail and barbels around the mouth. The back and sides are dark gray-blue; the belly is white. Sharp spines in pectoral and dorsal fins. The typical diet consists of Crayfish, sunfish, small fish, commercial fish food and anything they can scavenge.

Spawns late-May to July when water temperatures are 70° F to 75° F. Nests are constructed in natural cavities and overhangs.


Order of 100 lbs or more, $8/lb


Common Koi


Up to 8" = $15

9 - 11" = $30

12 - 16" = $50




PaddlefishPolyodon spathula scaleless fish with a cartilage skeleton, a very large mouth and a long, paddle-shaped rostrum that is often 1/3 of their total length. This highly developed sensory organ helps these filter feeders locate food and navigate their surroundings.

Successful spawning is unlikely in Midwestern ponds.

$75 each (24-32")

3 for $200

*Prohibited in the Lake Erie Basin & West Virginia. Available in: Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio (excluding Lake Erie watershed)

Panfish Mix

1 to 2 inch long panfish. Contains:

  • Bluegill
  • Hybrid Bluegill
  • Red-Ear Sunfish


$0.50 each

Blue Tilapia

Oreochromis aureus are the most common tilapia sold in the U.S. They are known for being the most cold-tolerant of the tilapia and can reach harvestable sizes within eight months.

Blue TilapiaAdults are usually 10 to 18 inches in length and can weigh 2 to 6 pounds.

Prefer 60° to 86° F, pH of 8.0

*Available for USPS shipment (<1cm) or local pick up.

$10/lb (adult)

$0.50 each (juveniles)

Permit required in Kentucky

Fish Feed

We offer high-quality sinking and floating fish food pellets. This is a high protein blend, 40-42% protein. 


Artificial Habitat Structure

Artificial Habitat Structures 2022

36 inch tall artificial tree


$75 each or 3 for $200

* Call ahead 24 hours to order

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